What are people-also-ask questions?

Learn what the "People-also-ask"-section in your Serpotrack projects are and why they are relevant. They can help you with your SEO, here's why.

What are people-also-ask (PAA) questions?

Google's "people-also-ask" (PAA) questions are a feature that displays related questions directly on the search results page. These questions are generated based on user search queries and appear in an expandable list format. When a user clicks on a question, it expands to reveal a brief answer. PAA questions provide valuable insights into the specific queries and concerns users have related to a particular topic.


Why need them?

For SEO professionals, PAA questions offer opportunities to optimize content by addressing these queries. That's why we show them in your Serpotrack projects.

Content optimization

PAA questions provide insights into the specific queries and concerns that users have related to a keyword. By analyzing these questions, you can optimize your site content to directly address these questions. This can help improve the relevance and visibility of your content in search results, driving organic traffic to your website.

User intent and engagement

PAA questions reflect the diverse range of queries and information users seek when conducting searches. By analyzing these questions, you gain insights into user intent and can tailor you content to align with user expectations. Providing comprehensive and well-structured answers to PAA questions can enhance user engagement, increase time spent on the website, and potentially improve conversion rates.

Competitive analysis

PAA questions can also provide valuable competitive intelligence. By studying the questions and answers that appear for specific keywords or topics, you can gain insights into the content strategies of your competitors. This knowledge can be used to identify content gaps, discover new topic opportunities, and refine your own content to differentiate your site in the search results.

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