Why don't I see any position data?

Don't see any SERP position data in your Serpotrack dashboard for your keyword(s)? There could be a few reasons why.

Keyword added recently

If the keyword has been recently added to your project, it may take up to 2 hours before Serpotrack shows you the initial position data. Please allow some time for the system to gather and process the rankings.

Keyword SERP position that hasn't been updated yet

Low keyword position

Depending on your plan, Serpotrack allows you to view positions up to a certain range, typically up to position 100 or 50. If your site ranks worse than that or doesn't rank at all for the keyword in question, it won't show up in the position data.

No position data available

Inactive Serpotrack plan

It's possible that your subscription plan is not currently active. So, to get position data, you need an active plan. Please ensure that your plan is active.

No position data in selected range

Serpotrack projects show you the last 31 days by default. You can change this range to view your older positions. However, if you change the date range to before Serpotrack started monitoring your positions, there won't be any data.

Project date range picker

Get help

If you continue to experience issues or have further questions, please contact our support team for assistance.