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Cheap, easy & accurate — Ideal for starters

Serpotrack is a SERP keyword rank checker tool for tracking your positions in the Google search results. It's the best, online, easy to use SERP tracker to check your local rankings daily. A must-have for SEO optimizing.

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SERP keyword rank checker tool

Google SERP data

Organic Google results (search engine results page) from any location, language and device (mobile and desktop). Includes Google's featured snippets. What's SERP?

Up-to-date (daily)

Real-time results showing you the most recent, accurate positions of your website on a daily basis. Monitor the latest data in your ranking report. Learn how often SERPs change.


Cheap in comparison to our competitors. We want to make our service accessible to professionals, hobbyists and people with small websites.

Easy to use

We try to keep our service simplistic and intuitive so everyone can learn how to use it within minutes. Even if you have never used a service like this before.

Monitor your SERP keyword positions in daily reports

Track your organic search positions performance (SERP including featured snippets). Measure your SEO efforts with your keywords and watch your ranks grow. The higher you rank, the more organic traffic you're likely to get. This tool retrieves your keyword position updates on a daily basis.

Monitor your SERP keyword positions in daily reports

Track local results with devices and locations

Local and accurate SERP rank tracking by selecting the location and device. We support all locations and devices (mobile & desktop) supported by Google. You can select a geolocation and host language (learn about geolocation & language).

Track local results with devices and locations

Identify outranking competitors

Find out who your organic outranking competitors are. Track how the competition is ranking and monitor their SEO title's and descriptions. You can view the SERP positions and details of the competitors that are positioned above you on SERPs. You can also check if the top result was a featured snippet.

Identify outranking competitors

Google SERP

Each time we update your data, we retrieve the most recent Google SERP results. This includes featured snippets. You ranks should be as accurate as possible.


You can select the country from which the search should be performed. Different countries give different search results (geolocation vs. language). Serpotrack supports all countries that are supported by Google.

Host languages

Besides the geolocation, you can also set the host language. This is the interface language you set for the search engine. Different host languages, yield different results (geolocation vs. language).

Daily updates

Serpotrack updates the positions of your queries every day based on the most recent SERP data based on your plan. Learn how often SERPs change.


Watch your organic ranks change daily over time in our historical chart reports. See how it evolves and how much results your SEO improvements have.

Competitor research

Monitor your competitors website positions and check how the competition is ranking.

Data stored in EU

Serpotrack is developed in The Netherlands. We host and store everything in the EU. That includes your data. We don't analyse, share or sell your data.

For SEO optimizing

Suitable for both professional and freelancers, but also for people with their own blogs or small websites. It's easy to use.

Free support

Got some questions, or need some help to get started? Our support is available every weekday (CET)!

Words from our first customers

Here are some testimonials from a few of our first users. These users started using Serpotrack during its beta phase.

I use Serpotrack for all my customer to show them measurable results of SEO improvements I have made to their sites.
TimFreelance SEO specialist
As a newby to SEO and that kind of stuff, I must say that Serpotrack is really easy to use and simple.
MariekeTech blogger
The beta version alone is a complete SERP tracker that we use at our company. It's a great addition for our digital toolbox.
LucasSEO expert at an agency

Start tracking your SERP positions!

Register, pick a plan, add your keywords and let Serpotrack do the rest. If you need help setting up your project(s), just shoot us a message, so we can help you out!

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